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I don't know where to start. What is new? I love Chris-Coleman is around-School is like nothing- Graduation looks stupid- parties are tempting- sex is over rated- I miss my friends(shySHY)- and life couldnt get better. Topics like WORK SCHOOL LOVE FRIENDS DRUGS MUSIC DRAMA and more I could address. I'm not I don't even think anyone has a livejournal anymore. I would love to hear from you guys. Later

P.S. = P.M.S
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The fact that you have 'Silent Hill' in your intrests almost makes me love you =D
Silent Hill Rocks my socks hunny bunny!!...please tell me you play? James? Maria? do share.
Ah, so I take it your a fan of the second SH? Storywise, I thought that was the best. Loved the mood and symbolism in that one. Besides, Pyramid Head was hot =D, Have you seen his pic in the movie?

Pyramid Head</a>
No F**king way man. That is soooooo cool. I did like the second one. Have you finished the fourth?
Yea, I finished that one.. Still not sure how I felt about it though... I like how they semi-explain the event in SH2 (ending)... I feel stupid, but it took me a year to fully understanf it =(
AMMMMBIII!!! I LOVEE YOUUUU!!! Come visit mee pleeaaasee!!