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Need Sleep

I know Erik you tried to call but see...last night Joey and Mom got into a big fight and it was so stupid. Joey walked out and I am pretty sure that I am going to be leaving to my Mema's and then straight up to GA. I have to start packing so that I can get out as soon as possible. I'll prob. end up quitting my job and I really hope that things get better. After school today I have to find where I can get boxes. I need boxes. I love you all and I am so lucky to have everyone behind me supporting me in everything that I do. I have to go. Keep it Loud for me guys.
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AMBI!! what part of Ga? i really Love u! i still want to see u again ... y is everyone leaving Fl?
you can't leave....
yea ok
Remeber baby, If you need us just call. we could have that house cleaned out in no time at all.