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I am staying at my Mema's house and I am living in the magenta room. Its interesting. I am going to go back for some stuff at the house sometime. I am so ready for the weekend I just need to get on the ball. Hey 407-831-0573 If I'm there I'll pick up. I am moving to GA. I know for a fact that my Mom isn't going to see any other way. She says that wherever she goes I go too. I hope it's only for a little while until I can come back home. I will miss the life that I have built for myself and everyone in it that I love. I will be staying at Mema's until my ticket is paid and my driving school is over and then I will roll out. The ticket is $115. I get my first paycheck today. It won't be much and neither will next weeks' but, The following paycheck will be a little bigger because i'll be working full time. I have to stay with my Mom and she needs me a lot right now I know, I just still hate the thought of leaving and I won't be able to go to my family reunion on my Dad's side in Maine. I miss them so much. I have to go finish out the last day of Lyman Hell. Good luck keeping up I don't have a computer at my Mema's house. I'll do the best I can. I love you all....Try to Keep It Loud for me....
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